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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a 40mm stroke and a 30mm stroke?
The difference is in the length of the press ram stroke. The standard strokes are 30mm and 40mm

What is a ferrule terminal?
A ferrule is a closed barrel terminal, insulated or not insulated, designed for containing the wire strands after the wire has been stripped and crimped.

What is a Mylar tape terminal?
A Mylar tape terminal refers to the way the terminal is attached to the carrier strip. Instead of being a progressive stamping die, the terminals are attached with a heavy duty Mylar tape strip.

What is an adjustable wire stop?
The wire stop helps gauge the wire position to ensure the proper wire brush length after the terminal has been crimped. The wire stop can also be used as an ejector pin to help take the terminated wire out of the machinery.

What is an adjustable terminal support?
The adjustable terminal support ensures that when the applicators ram crimps the terminal, the terminal does not get bent down or up. This ensures the terminal quality and geometrical standards after the crimping process.

What determines the type of applicator that would be needed for a specific terminal?
There are many factors when determining what type of applicator is best suited for a certain terminal and wire combination

  • Wire Size (AWG or mm2)
  • Thickness of the terminal material (in. or mm2)
  • Distance between the terminals on the carrier strip (pitch)
  • Type of terminal (loose piece, ferrule, multiple wire...)
  • How the terminal is situated on the carrier strip (double carrier strip, end/side feed?)

What makes Mecal applicators work in other presses?
There are three areas that are required for a Mecal applicator to work in another press

  • 135.80 mm shut height for press
  • Tri-prong clamped base plate
  • T-shaped coupling to the ram on the press

What is a pull test value?
The pull test value is the amount of force required for the wire to be pulled out of the terminal after it has been crimped.

MBS Samtec Part Number Cross Reference Sheet

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Mecal by Starn and Samtec Part Number Cross Reference Sheet

Mecal by Starn and Samtec have partnered together to provide OEM applicators for all Samtec terminals. For our valued customers to see the relationship between the companies, and how the Samtec part numbers can be cross referenced with the Mecal by Starn

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No matter how large or small you are, you will ALWAYS get the same quality and service you deserve.  Mecal by Starn now offers a few more options that allow you to choose which applicator best fits your expectations and budget.  Whether you are just starting out in cable assembly or a full production wire harness facility, we have the product for you!

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