EVS - Side Feed Mini Applicator
Evolution left side feed mini applicator
MRS - Restyling Left Side Feed
Restyling left side feed mini applicator
MRSP - Restyling Pneumatic Left Side Feed
Restyling left side feed mini applicator

Advantages of Applicators

  • Limit fatigue of employees - This reduces hand and wrist injuries like carpal tunnel.
  • Crimp Quality – Consistent pressure and terminal placement in crimp area reduces scrap parts.
  • Repeatability – Fixed positioning of tools and equipment on a table top or automatic machine reduces the variables of human error. On benchtop setups the applicator can limit operator error with wire placement setting tools.
  • Speed – Quicker feeding of the terminals reduces time between cycles. This results in more output.

Why Consult Mecal by Starn on Applicators?
If you’re making the move from hand crimping to semi-automatic equipment, let Mecal by Starn help guide you to the best solution during this transition. Even if our product is not the best fit for your needs we are willing to help. For more info on how we can guide your process, please submit an inquiry, or call to speak to a knowledgeable staff member.

If your currently using applicators and semi-automatic equipment but are not satisfied with service and support, let Mecal by Starn solve your issues. Our motto is “Welcome to Starn, your life just got easier”. Check out some of our reviews below or go to our review page at (link to review page) to see what our customers say about us or submit an inquiry to find out for yourself how much we can help you.

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"We feel very lucky to have found such a great company to work with for all of our crimp application needs. The engineering support and dialogue back and forth is excellent. They have developed some custom solutions for us to help improve efficiency. The entire team is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to continuing our relationship."

Andy - New Jersey

"The Team at Mecal has really helped us and our customers get to market sooner and with much more flexibility than would have been possible purchasing from others. Out of 20+ Applicators purchased in a short amount of time we only had one minor problem and they took GREAT care in solving it right away. Truly, they stand by their tooling and machining."

James Bench - Nevada

For a speedy response contact:

Jim Smith
General Manager
814-724-1057 Ext. 114

Nick Nahay
Sales & Customer Service
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