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"These folks are the real deal! They are expert toolmakers with long experience in this niche market. Quality of product and service after the sale have been absolutely outstanding. Without their steadfast support, I don’t see how our team could have successfully implanted this non-trivial equipment into the production environment. Also, the value per dollar offered by Mecal by Starn is truly unbeatable. This operation runs lean, and the customer benefits handsomely. I am absolutely sold on them!"

Scott A. Morrison - Parker Hannifin Corporation

Posted On - January 8, 2018

"Being partnered with a company that has strong customer service & quality values, is extremely important to Samtec, which is why we have trusted Mecal-by-Starn to support us for the past several years."

Daniel Linton - Samtec

Posted On - December 14, 2017

"Working with Nick Nahay and Jim Smith make my job fun. Such great people to work with! The speed of answers to my requests is absolutely astonishing. I truly appreciate everything they have done for us!"

Dana Solveson - Artos Engineering Company

Posted On - December 14, 2017

"Thank you for your continued excellent service. I sent an RFQ over this morning and in the afternoon received a formal quote. Nick has always provided me expeditious service, it's a great joy having a supplier I can always count on! "

Carrie McConachie - era-contact USA, LLC

Posted On - December 13, 2017

"The team at Mecal was quick to respond to our issue and identified the problem right away. Within a couple days, we received the part needed to fix our applicator. Excellent work!"

Chad Dawgiello - CMR Group

Posted On - December 8, 2017

"Mecal's Perishable tooling is the best most long lasting tooling on the market, and the applicators are top of the line. If I have an issue my sales rep is always there to answer any questions I may have.with Mecal you get nothing but the best tools and service there is.Thank you everyone at Mecal!"

Nathen Bishop - AG Manufacturing

Posted On - December 8, 2017

"The guys at Mecal have saved my company a ton of money with their perishable tooling service. We send in perishable tooling, they reverse engineer the tool and produce copies at greatly reduced cost. The staff are very knowledgeable, communicate well, and seem to genuinely love their job and serving customers. Mecal applicators are widely known as the top of the line in the industry. We use a Mecal end feed applicator on a stainless steel terminal that reads 2500+lbs of peak force on our force monitors. We have over 1 million crimps on this extremely tough terminal and the applicator is problem free. The life of their perishable tooling life is the best I've seen, with crimp punches lasting 2-3 times as long as other manufacturers. "

Andy Longfellow - TACK Electronics

Posted On - December 7, 2017

"Mecal by Starn is great to work with and provides outstanding service with competitive cost and excellent lead-times! Keep up the great work!!"

Sara Hall - Telamon

Posted On - December 2, 2017

"We had an issue with our one applicator, and Jim and his team worked tirelessly to help us identify and fix the issue. Thank so much!"

M. Coldron - WT Corp.

Posted On - September 28, 2017

"Mecal by Starn is an excellent company for customer service and meeting their customer's needs. Timing is very good and there has not been any issue with the quality of their applicator dies."

S. Hall - Westbrook

Posted On - September 28, 2017

"An excellent supplier, one of the best I have."

M. Gerardo - General Cable

Posted On - September 28, 2017

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