Optimize your inspection and quality control process with The SubaScope Ultimate.

Connection Type PC (USB), Monitor (HDMI), Phone (Local WiFi) (Unsure if Android only, requires app)
Resolution & Refresh Rate 4k 60Hz connected to Monitor, 4k 30hz connected to PC
On-Camera Software Features Take Measurements, Record Pictures & Videos, Picture-in-Picture, Video / Image Playback, Image Compare, Browse Images / Videos on Flash Drive
Measuring Capability Linear, Angular, Circular, Area
Save Locations USB or PC (Only able to save to USB if not connected to PC)
Autofocus Single Click Focus or Continuous Autofocus
Magnification 180X with a 27” 4k monitor
0.7x to 4.5x on Lens
Can be Increased / Decreased with Optional Magnification Adapters
Save Types Images: .jpg, .tiff
Video .mp4 (h264 encoding)
Working Distance 96mm
Working Distance Changes Depending on Optional Magnification Adapters
Mounting Stand Modified – Includes Shock-Absorbing Feet
Included SubaScope, Stand with Vibration Absorbing Feet, Ring Light, Dual Goose-Neck Off-Axis Lights, 32GB Flash Drive with PC Software, Mouse, Keyboard, Glass Calibration Scale, ESD Grounding Clamp
Connections to SubaScope 2 Power (SubaScope & Ring Light), USB, HDMI