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Applicator Preventative Maintenance

It is important to perform maintenance activity on your applicators while they are still operable to ensure functional reliability and longevity.

Start with setting up a systematic inspection, detection, and correction process that is based on your production cycles and production volumes. This will minimize any failure before its occurrence or before it turns into a major defect.

Here are 4 ways to ensure longevity of your Applicators:

1) Grease the ram, roller pin, cam, as well as inside of the cast body (See images Below) should be lightly coated with white lithium grease. The main ram and down inside the cast body are the most important areas to grease and maintain a light coat of grease throughout production. You can remove the ram from the body but be sure to leave the red safety collar, provided with each applicator, on the ram when re-inserting it into the body.

  • We recommend greasing the critical components listed above before production, or every 100,000 cycles

2) Clear the applicator of debris after production is completed for the shift.

  • Do not use Air as it can blow debris further into critical places.

3) Inspect your applicator if there were any incidents (misfeed, double feeds, or terminals stuck to the crimp tools). Remove the applicator from the press, and the ram from the applicator body inspect and evaluate to ensure no damage has occurred to crimp tools. Replace any necessary damaged parts, re-align the tooling if necessary utilizing plastic paper to ensure crimp plates and anvils do not come in contact with each other.

4) When changing out crimp tools, use the Mylar paper that is provided by Mecal By Starn with spare kits.


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