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Promotions & Growth within the Starn Family of Companies

Mecal by Starn has promoted Jim Smith as it’s General Manager. He will oversee all the sales and operations for the facility. Jim has been with the Starn family of companies for nearly 30 years. He started out as a janitor at Starn Tool & Mfg. Co, then slowly moved his way up throughout the company while taking night classes for additional training. He operated a surface grinder for 4 years and then moved into the assembly department. In the meantime, Jim continued doing maintenance, material prep and various other miscellaneous duties throughout the facility such as shipping and inspection. He then transitioned into the Engineering Department at Starn Tool where he worked for several years. With the onset of a new sister company, Mecal by Starn (2008), he moved to their facility to assist as a technician in 2012. This transition slowly morphed into quoting and customer service and eventually he took over the sales department becoming the Sales Manager at Mecal by Starn. With Mecal by Starn’s continued growth, the need for a General Manager was determined and with Jim’s vast knowledge of the business, he was selected. Jim resides in Guys Mills, PA with his wife Mary. They have 5 children and 3 wiener dogs.


Mecal By Starn:
Strengthening Customers Through Training

Proper training is key to enhancing equipment lifespan and efficient product flow. Nowhere is this need more important than with crimp applicators in a wire harness facility. Several years ago, Mecal by Starn developed a formal training course on the proper care and use of their applicators.

WHN caught up with Bill Starn, President of Mecal by Starn, and John Belovarac, Operations Manager, to discuss the program and how it benefits them, their customers and the industry as a whole. Later, Chuck Dawgiello, Manufacturing Engineer, and Chad O’Roark, Flex Cell Team Lead, from CMR Group’s Leetsdale PA facility, were on hand to talk about their experience with the Mecal training program. After the interview, John provided a brilliant narrative of some great points that hold true for all brands of applicators. You can find those points in the accompanying article in this issue titled: Primer in Diagnosing Crimp Applicator Issues.


Primer in Diagnosing Crimp Applicator Issues 
By John Belovarac

John Belovarac, Operations Manager at Mecal by Starn, has been running their training program for many years. WHN asked him provide us with a list of tips and recommendations useful to harness manufacturers without regard to the brand of applicator they are using. Many thanks to John for his hard work in putting together these major points.


MBS Samtec Part Number Cross Reference Sheet

Mecal News

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Applicator Preventative Maintenance

Equipment doesn’t last forever, machinery fails and parts break- this is inevitable. Although equipment failure may not be avoidable, we are able to prolong it and try to get the most life possible with the right procedures. 

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Price, and Cost of Ownership

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