Mecal applicators are custom-built for virtually any terminal or terminal manufacturer. They’re assembled and tested in Meadville, Pa., and made for high repeatability, high volume, and longevity.

Mecal mini-style applicators fit in all industry-standard presses– That is any press with 135.80mm shut height, tri-prong clamped base plate, and a T-shape coupling to the ram on the press.

Mecal Applicators are implemented in a variety of industries including, aerospace & defense, renewable energy, medical imaging and devices, automotive, power storage systems, and many others.

We provide quality solutions with short lead times. 3 week lead times on standard applicators, this includes our most common applicators (MRS, MRSP, MRF, and MRFP).

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Our Engineers and Sales Team carefully determine what applicator you need based on these parameters:
Wire Size (AWG or mm2)
– Thickness of the terminal material (in. or mm2)
– Distance between the terminals on the carrier strip (pitch)
– Type of terminal (loose piece, ferrule, multiple wire…)
– How the terminal is situated on the carrier strip (double carrier strip, end/side feed)

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wire harness applicators for Molex Terminals, FCI Terminals, Deutsch Terminals, Hirose Terminals, Delphi Terminals, Aptiv Terminals, TE Connectivity Terminals, ITT Cannon Terminals, Sumitomo Terminals, Samtec Terminals.

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