In celebration of National Apprenticeship Week in November, the Northwestern Pennsylvania Chapter recognized member companies who have active apprenticeship programs. Their dedication to training paves the way for the future of our trade!
The NWPA Chapter Group Apprenticeship Program has grown from 4 to 15 in 2018 with 13 tool maker apprentices and 2 CNC machinist apprentices. The NWPA Chapter NTMA Group Apprenticeship Program includes tool maker (die or mold) or machinist (CNC) apprenticeships. The Programs were approved by the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training Council in September 2016.

This allows the NWPA Chapter to serve as the sponsor for the program and liaison to the state. Member companies may sign an Employer Acceptance Agreement committing to employ the apprentice and provide the on the job training requirements.

Partners in the NWPA Chapter Program include:
• Area Tool and Manufacturing Inc.
• Coinco Inc.
• CK Tool & Die, Inc.
• Custom Tool & Design Inc.
• Leech Industries, Inc.
• Marlan Tool, Inc.
• NuTec Tooling Systems
• Offi Tool & Die
• Shorts Tool & Manufacturing Inc.
• Starn Tool & Manufacturing Company (Mecal by Starn’s sister company)

Many thanks to these companies as well as all member companies who have maintained their own apprenticeship and training programs.
We appreciate your devotion to actively building our future workforce. A special thank you also goes out to members of the chapter’s Apprenticeship Advisory Committees established in 2018.

Complete article can be read here in the NTMA national newsletter “The Record”