About Mecal by Starn

Mecal by Starn is the distributor and manufacturer of the Mecal product line in North America. The partnership of Mecal and Starn Tool, creating Mecal by Starn, provides world class applicators and spare tooling for the wire harness industry. Mecal was established in 1976 with the aim of supplying the wire harness industry with the best crimping equipment available. In less than 30 years Mecal reached and kept a respected position at the top of its market. Starn Tool and Manufacturing is Meadville, PA’s oldest tool and die shop established in 1945, they are a leader in precision machining. Together their products are extensively used by the automotive, communication and IT industry, and wherever a high-quality connection is needed.

We appreciate your continued support of MBS. Please feel free to contact us with all questions or needs you have in the areas of Tooling and Components for Wire Harness Crimping.

Mecal by Starn offers 3 distinct advantages:

  1. Our products are the very best
  2. All of our customers receive world-class service
  3. We have 120 years of Experience


    • Fast lead times
      • 3-week lead time on standard applicators
        • 70% of the applicators we manufacture are considered standard
      • Each applicator is custom-built
        • Assembled & certified in Meadville, Pa
  • High Reliability and Repeatability
    • We’ve seen applicators with over 1million cycles
  • Easy to make adjustments
    • Regulating Head .01mm adjustments
    • Bellmouth, Feed, Bend, and Cut-off Tab- No removal from press
    • Tooling Change-outs
  • Extensive documentation with our applicators
    • Technical Data Sheet
    • Bill of Materials
    • Cross section picture


    • 1-Week lead time on 1.5, 2, 4 and 8-Ton presses
    • Similarities between tonnages
      • Easy for new employee training
    • Presses made from casting, more robust, less flex resulting in a more consistent crimp.
  • Perishable Tooling
    • 2-week lead time on perishable tooling
    • 3-day rush available – with no expediting fees
    • 200,000+ Hits expected (with proper maintenance & correct use)

Spare Parts & Accessories

  • 4-week lead time on most spare parts
  • Full catalog of Wire Harness Crimping Accessories
  • Quick response
    • Sales & Technical Support
      • Response within 1 business day
    • Free in-house training & videos
    • R&D Projects
    • Our customers have direct access to us
      • Sales
      • Technical
      • Engineering
      • Administration
  • Starn Tool & Mecal S.r.l
    1. A partnership between Starn Tool and Mecal S.r.l provides us with over 120 years of experience
    2. Starn Tool, our Parent Company gives us a knowledge base of best practices for manufacturing
      1. We know what material to use
      2. We know how to heat treat the material
      3. Our polishing process is highly effective
      4. We’re comfortable with tight tolerances
      5. Thorough understanding of GD&T
  • Mecal S.r.L, well known and well respected
    1. We use their extensive database to reference and know exactly what applicator to build for our customers.
    2. We work closely with Mecal engineering on large and day-to-day projects.