MANUFACTURER & DISTRIBUTOR of Mecal Products in North America
Applicators, Presses and Spare tooling for the Wire Harness industry

Spare Parts

Manufacturing Facilities are ISO 9001:2015 Certified

Industry leading delivery time on quality spare part tooling

No premium charges on rush deliveries
-- Same cost if it takes two weeks or two days
Discounts on orders of 3 pieces or more

Reverse-engineer any part due to?
-- Breakage of tool
-- Poor quality of tool
-- Delivery time of tool
-- Cost of tool
-- Unknown origin of tool
Capability to build any part from a print

All parts polished with state-of-the-art technique with the Okamoto Aero Lap
-- Uses a diamond medium instead of a slurry
-- Smoother finish helps prevent galling
-- Increases longevity of tool
-- Increases consistency of the crimps

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Mecal by Starn delivers quality spare part tooling faster than anyone in the industry. We at Mecal by Starn pride ourselves, not only on the quality of the spare parts we manufacture, but also the delivery time of around two weeks.

Mecal by Starn also has a strict policy on not charging premiums on rush orders. This means that the tooling that needs to be manufactured in a short time period will not be any more expensive than the spare parts that follow our usual two week delivery.

We also offer discounts on bulk orders of 3 pieces or more of the same tooling.

Due to the parent company of Mecal by Starn being a tool shop we have a highly advanced reverse-engineering capability. If you have a broken part, poorly made part or have a part that takes too long to get manufactured, send it to us and we will reverse-engineer the part and get it to you stronger, faster and in many cases less expensive.

With that being said, if you have a print we can build the part to the exact specs on the print. The parent company as a tool shop prides itself on its quality and efficiency of building spare parts.

MBS Samtec Part Number Cross Reference Sheet

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