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More Solutions More Convenience

Few companies can offer speed, delivery and service like Mecal By Starn. We pride ourselves in being the "go-to" for exceptional service and equipment. We also take great pride in the extensive experience working with a great variety of industries. Our applicators and presses are being used in nearly

Mecal by Starn – Spare Tooling Provider

Did you know that Mecal By Starn manufactures spare tooling for all applicators? Regardless of the make and model of the applicator, we can be your spare tooling supplier! We understand the wire harness industry, that's why we stress over having an industry leading delivery time, and no premium fees

Primer in Diagnosing Crimp Applicator Issues

John Belovarac, Operations Manager at Mecal by Starn, has been running their training program for many years. WHN asked him provide us with a list of tips and recommendations useful to harness manufacturers without regard to the brand of applicator they are using. Many thanks to John for his hard

Applicator Preventative Maintenance

Equipment doesn't last forever, machinery fails and parts break - this is inevitable. Although equipment failure may not be avoidable, we are able to prolong it and try to get the most life possible with the right procedures. Applicator preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your equipment last as long

Price, and Cost of Ownership

We have all made a purchase before in our lives, and have all weighed the options, features and reputations of different brands. A good example of this would be buying a new car. You've determined you have a need for a new car. You come up with a list of

Turn-Key Crimp Stations

What is a Turnkey Workstation? Mecal by Starn in conjunction with our sister companies Penn Weld Inc. and Starn Tool and Mfg. is excited to bring Turnkey Workstations to the Wire Harness Industry and the Custom Manufacturing world. We have recently increased our plant operations to include a 4th facility