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What Comes with an MBS Applicator?

We provide our customers with exceptional service, quality, and fast lead times. A 3-week lead time on standard applicators, direct support from the Mecal By Starn Team, and over 120 years of crimping experience are just part of the benefits we offer. We also provide our customers with a comprehensive applicator documentation report.

Quality Documentation

Documentation ensures consistency, efficiency, quality and standardization.  This includes a bill of materials, an exploded parts view with detail numbers, cross-section images, pull tests report, and (5) sample leads. These documents allow you to verify crimp height & width, pull test, and compression ratio, and easily find any part numbers that you may need to replace.

BOM Tab Documentation Explanation

Reliably Ready

Our applicators are assembled and validated at our Meadville, Pa location. They come out of the box ready to crimp with little-to-no adjustments. When assembling the applicators, our technicians validate them through several tests & inspections. This includes a cross-section analysis, pull test verification, and a comprehensive quality inspection.

The comprehensive quality inspection includes:

  • Burr
  • Number of Strands
  • Crimp Height & Width
  • Cut off tab
  • Terminal Bend & Twist

For more on our quality inspection, learn about it here


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