SC11 – Stripper Crimper

  • Wire-stripping unit that’s integrated with a crimping station (press and applicator).
  • On one movement, wire is grabbed, stripped and moved over the anvil.
  • Can strip wires up to 3mm2.
  • Works with both end and side-feed applicators.
  • Pneumatic actuating system grants ease of installation, use and maintenance.
  • It can be cycled either by pedal or by a sensor that detects the presence of the wire
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SC11 Stripper Crimper

Product specifications

SC11 – Stripper Crimper

Part Number


Air Pressure

5-7 Bars


W 212 x H 96 x D 98 (mm)
W 8.32″ x H 3.78″ x D 3.86″ (inches)


5.1 kg
11.2 lb

Power Supply

18 V AC
24 V DC

Wire Section

0.2-2.5mm2 (32-13 AWG)
Ø isolante max 4.5mm

Stripping Length

2 – 12mm
0.078 – 0.473″

Jacket Stripping Length

Min 25mm *
Min 0.98″ *