MSMP - Two Post Die

MSMP two post die is an absolute new entry into the Mecal produts range. It can crimp terminals in carrier strip, with left-to-right feeding, and it has some new features compared to the existing two post dies.

The upper plate is lighter and it’s equipped with a continuous regulation head (0,05mm), which allows a precise control on the conductor crimping height, whereas the insulation crimping can be set up by a new system placed on the front side of the die.

This system is easily adjustable by a screw. The movement of the plate has been improved by means of two recirculating ball bushings. The MSMP is also equipped with a non-resettable 7 digits piece counter.

Suitable presses for the MSMP are the P40 or P80, with the crimp force analyzer CFA/CPM designed by Mecal.

Product specifications

MSMP - Two Post Die


Two Post Die

Crimping Height




Terminal Pitch

Not Binding

Terminal Thickness

1.2 to 1.5mm
0.047" to 0.059"

Wire Section

Max 25mm2

Feeding System

Air Pipe Ø4mm
5/6 Bar




W 510 x H 210 x D 190 (mm)
W 20.1" x H 8.3" x D 7.5" (inches)

Crimp Height Adjustment

4 Pads "H" Head