SubaScope Lite

Take the quality of your products to the next level with The SubaScope Lite.

Product specifications

SubaScope Lite

Connection Type

Monitor Only

Resolution & Refresh rate

1080p 60Hz

On-Camera Software Features

Take Measurements, Record Pictures & Videos, Picture-in-Picture, Video / Image Playback, Image Compare, Browse Images / Videos on Flash Drive

Measuring Capability

Linear, Angular, Circular, Area (Polygonal Area Measurements Limited to Approx. 9 Points)

Save File Locations

USB Flash Drive Only


Single Click Focus
Continuous Autofocus


180X with a 27” 1080p monitor
0.7x to 4.5x on Lens
Can be Increased / Decreased with Optional Magnification Adapters

Save File Types

Images - .jpg, .tiff
Video - .mp4 (h264 encoding)

Working Distance

Working Distance Changes Depending on Optional Magnification Adapters

Mounting Stand



SubaScope, Stand with Vibration Absorbing Feet, Ring Light, Dual Goose-Neck Off-Axis Lights, 32GB Flash Drive with PC Software, Mouse, Keyboard, Glass Calibration Scale, ESD Grounding Clamp

Connections to SubaScope

2 Power (SubaScope & Ring Light)
USB (For Flash Drive)